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Hi Kirsty!

We do hire Marketing graduates, generally those with digital design, graphic design, visual communications type degrees. They work in our in house Design Hub, which is like a design agency, but it's part of Xero.  It's quite a technical role, so doing a commerce degree with a major in marketing probably wouldn't be technical enough.  Have a look at the "roles" page on for more information


Hey team

I know Xero started in the Hawkes Bay is there any opportunities to work from there or is Xero solely based in Wellington now?



Hi Luke!

The highest number of applications we get comes from Victoria and University of Auckland, but that's probably just because they are the biggest universities.

We don't have a preference for which university a student comes from, mostly because the universities work with the Institute of Chartered Accountants to make sure what they teach is relevant to business and at a high standard.

What we do look for are things like your grades, whether you've been part of any clubs or doing volunteering, what you're passionate about, and whether your personality fits the Xero culture. 

Something to note is that the accounting students we hire actually work in our customer service team.  Those roles don't currently allow you to become a Chartered Accountant.


Hi Josh

Our CEO Rod comes from the Hawkes Bay, but we don't have an office there.  Our first office was actually an apartment in the Wellington CBD - it was tiny!  We still have some cool photos from way back then.

Our offices are in Auckland (in Parnell) and in Wellington, and grads can join us in either of those.


Do you have overseas opportunities? If so, where and what are they :) 


Hi Team! I think Xero is a really cool kiwi organisation. My question to you is, what does the future of Xero look like? 


Hi Eugene!

We have offices in NZ, Australia, the USA, Singapore and the UK.

Generally local employment law says that employers have to hire students from local universities. That means we can't hire students from overseas into grad roles in NZ, unless they've studied at an NZ university.  Similarly, when we hire grads into our USA and Australian offices, they are also local students.

When we take grads on, because graduate roles are junior - meaning you have come out of university and it's your first job - we put a lot of resources into training you. Therefore, you would usually only find people moving overseas to work in our other offices once they've got experience.  Sometimes that's hard to do, because employers have to prove to other governments why they couldn't hire someone already in their country.  Therefore, you will find that when we send staff to the USA for example, they are highly specialized, so wouldn't be at a graduate level.


Do any of your graduates get to visit your overseas offices?


Hi Jono

Ooooh good question!  There's lots of discussion about automation and machine learning and how we can use that to improve customer experience and the functionality of our software. 

We want to continue to grow and expand on the software we offer small business owners to them to help them grow their businesses.

Continuing to expand into new markets - for example we've just launched in South Africa.

At the core of it all, we want to keep being innovative!


Hi there, 

Do you have any actual accounting roles available? If so, what kinds of roles? 


Hi Hugo!

At the moment, grads don't tend to travel internationally for business purposes. As we mentioned above, the first year as a graduate (on the Graduate Programme) is very focused on learning as much as possible, so generally that's done in your own country.

We do bring our Auckland grads down to Wellington for induction, and also for Unconference - our own in house technical training conference we run each year.


Hi there, how much freedom do grads have throughout the program, is initiative praised? Or should we be more focused on just learning and completing tasks?


Hi Allen

I think a lot of people assume we're an accounting company - which is an easy assumption to make! We are a software development company that happens to make cloud based accounting software for small businesses.

That said, we do have an accounting and finance team, which sometimes takes a grad or two, but this is rare. Our Customer Experience (customer service) team does hire graduates and interns with accounting degrees into customer service roles. 

The reason for that is that small business owners may be awesome at their business - a cafe, a mechanic for example, but they don't always know a lot about accounting. Therefor we make sure the people who are there to help (the customer service team) have a really good understanding of accounting principles and are able to explain things to our customers.


Hi Emily!

We're really focused on developing our grads and that means giving them the opportunity to branch out and try new stuff.  So, yes there's a focus on learning and of course everyone has to complete tasks as part of their job, but there's a lot of freedom as well.

For example, our technical grads (software developers) go on rotations - so they get to try out front end development, back end development, QA, and devops (infrastructure/ networking/ architecture etc).  They get a mentor to help them learn and a grad team lead to support them through their first year. We encourage them to drive their own learning and they're invited to all the same training our experienced staff get.

Because of the way we work - in Agile teams - initiative, self motivation, creativity and problem solving are super important skills & attributes to have as a grad.

We also genuinely want people to be themselves at work - we aren't corporate, so we don't wear suits, and you also have the freedom to express yourself. A good example is our mobile team, who have days where they all come to work dressed in their onesies - just because they can. 


Hey Team! Thanks so much for all your awesome questions! 

Check out for more information on our Grad Programme :)

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