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Xero Live Chat


Post your questions here for the Xero team. They'll be online between 12:45 and 1:30 on Monday the 20th of June to answer them!


Hi everyone! Team Xero are here to chat! We have Siobhan - our Graduate program manager, Grace and Rory, who are on our technical graduate program (they are developers!) and Ryan, who is a grad in our Marketing team.  Looking forward to answering your questions!


If I want to work for xero do I have to have a degree from uni or can i work for you with a diploma or certificate in accounting or business management?


Hi Chelsea! It depends what you want to do! Generally though, you would need to have a degree to join our grad program.  That's because the learning you do on the grad program is a continuation of what you learnt at uni. 


What is it like to work at xero? I know that xero is very innovative and seems like a cool company. What is the workplace culture like? Is it quite corporate or more casual?


Hi Kate!  It's a really cool place to work - people are smart and good at what they do, so they're keen to teach others what they know.  You get the feeling that everyone cares about what everyone else is doing and is happy to help.  We even have a Happiness Engineer who helps our teams learn new things and enjoy their time at work.

It's also the kind of place where people who work together end up being friends, which is cool. There are heaps of groups at work where you find people who like the same things you do - for example, our cake baking club, or video gaming club.

Our values are really important to us, people understand them, believe in them, and act accordingly.  It's not just something that's written on a piece of paper.  For example, our #human value is all about treating others with respect.

Our environment is nice too, we are lucky to have cool offices with nerf guns, scooters, free fruit, stand up desks and beanbags, free soda in the vending machines and lots and lots of coffee. We don't wear suits either so right now, we are all hanging out in jeans and t-shirts. 


That sounds really cool! I had a feeling the work environment would be fun. Do you find that majority of the time you find yourself in the office? or are people in and out quite often meeting clients or travelling etc?


Good question Kate! That really depends on someone's role... so Siobhan's out of the office a lot, doing events and career fairs for example but our grads are usually in the office most of the time, learning lots!   

Our sales team are also out and about a lot, and our senior leaders travel all over the world to different offices in Australia, The UK and the USA.  Some of them recently traveled to South Africa to help launch our product there.

Our technical teams - the people who write the code Xero runs on, or manage our systems, are also generally in the office most of the time. 


Hi Xero, 

Wondering if all of the roles you have require a degree?



Sounds great! What kind of things would i need to study/attributes would I need to be part of the sales team?


Hi Taylor

Most of them do, especially on the grad programme.  Sometimes jobs might not need a degree, for example some of our administration jobs. Our barista was hired because he is A) awesome and B) makes amazing coffee!

People coming into higher level roles are usually hired for their experience, so they may not have a degree, or they may have a degree or other qualification in something different. Careers are funny like that, you usually end up changing jobs several times along the way!

Something that's really important for us is your personality - because our culture is special we want to make sure people who join Xero will fit in here.


Hi Xero, 

Do you have offices in Auckland? If so, do they employ school leavers? 


Hi Kate - most of the account managers for the sales team actually have accounting degrees! This is also true of our customer service team.

The reason for that is they have to be able to understand, explain and sell our software (which is accounting software for small businesses) - or provide help to small business owners when they need it.


Hi Calvin!

We do have offices in Auckland, they are based in Parnell.  Unfortunately at this stage we only employ university graduates for junior level roles, so we don't have pathways for people to start working for us straight out of secondary school.


Thanks so much for joining us everyone! We will be back online for more questions Thursday 23rd, 12:45- 1:45pm. Cheers :) Team Xero


Jump online to ask Xero a question between 12:45-1:30pm TODAY! 

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Hi everyone! Team Xero are here to answer your questions!


I'll introduce our team - we have Siobhan, who is our Grad Programme Manager, Jui, Lucia, Liam and Hassan are all grads. Jui & Lucia are currently working on QA work, Liam and Hassan are both working on back end development at the moment. 

Who else is online?


Would you be interested in taking on graduates with a marketing degree?


Hello Kirsty, 

I was wondering what uni you hire most of your accounting grads from, and if there is a particular uni that you think prepared students for work the best? I've heard that some are better than others and that shows when you get out of uni

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