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Hi Tre


No, work experience is not part of the certificate in forest operations. It is a course designed to get you to an apprenticeship standard, and while you do go out in the field to learn, it is not for an actual employers benefit. Plus it's only 17 weeks long, so the main focus is getting you 'work ready' .




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Hi George,

We are good at it because all our tutors are forestry pros, who know what they are talking about. We have the latest technology for our students to train on and with, and we in touch with the forestry industry to ensure we teach you what they need and not what we think they want.

Plus we are based in the home of forestry, Rotorua, so it's hard not to be.



Hi Waiariki, 

Can you tell me if you take on students who got 1/2 their level 2 requirements? 

Thanks :) 


thank you for the answer to my last question. I would also like to know if forestry has a good pay scale ?


Hi Barret,

That all depends what qualification you are looking at?

Waiariki also offers CVS which is a qualification that helps you get NCEA lvl 2 in a variety of areas with a higher teacher/student average then a secondary school classroom, and not always based in a classroom either (because that might not be the environment you learn best in).

So if you wanted to take another crack at that we have those options to - better yet the Certificate in Vocational Skills is FREE.



Hi there,

Do you offer any agriculture courses? If so are they better than EIT and why?


Hi Tre,

Again that all depends on what area of forestry you are looking at. beginning pay is great and the chances for promotion are usually easily in reach. Our Forest Ops classes get you to the skill level of an apprenticeship, while forest management readies you for jobs a little higher up the salary scale.

As one of our nations core in-demand industries, it generally has pay schemes to suit.

Thanks again!


Hi Jack E,

We think they are that's for sure! Not only do our agriculture courses in Rotorua, Whakatane, Taupo or Tokoroa include actual on the farm work experience that always helps in getting employment after, our head Agriculture tutor Greg Brady was voted Tutor of the Year by the agriculture industry!

Read up on Greg's win here:

And there are student profiles of employed agriculture graduates you can read on our Facebook page, here:



Are there any scholarships that Waiariki offer? 


There sure are Luke! We not only have 27 of our own on offer JUST for school leavers (oddly enough named 'Waiariki Scholarships for School Leavers 2016'), we also keep a library of scholarships available in areas we teach on our website.

Checkout for a complete list.

Hope that helps!


Be sure to jump online, TODAY 21st June at 12:45-1:30pm to ask Waiariki Bay of Plenty Polytechnic any questions. 


Kia Ora everyone,

We are online and ready to answer any question you have on Waiariki Bay of Plenty Polytechnic - and the awesome lifestyle studying in our region provides!


What are Waiarikis subject strengths?


Do you offer hotel management courses?



I'm really wanting to study both technology and business, I'm trying to find the best option that's closer to my hometown, Palmerston North. 

I know AUT offer conjoint programmes, just wondering what you guys offer?

At this stage, I want to major in Networks & Security. I am also currently getting my CCNA level 1 and 2 at UCOL as well as NCEA.




What is the student life like at Waiariki? Do you have sports teams, student societies etc


Hi Caleb,

We sure do! Not only that our tourism and hospitality arm is so popular we are about to build a new $10.2 million building on our Rotorua campus with hotel realistic training areas and tourism facilities to accommodate them all.

Diploma in Hospitality Management (Level 5) info is available:

Thanks for asking!

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Hi Caleb!

We are proud of many of our programmes!  Our forest management programmes are high-tech, with the only operating saw mill for learning in the Southern Hemisphere.  Our nursing degrees are highly respected and our hospitality programmes are highly sought after, with a huge new $10 million dollar hospitality and tourism building coming soon!   


Hi Arni,

Thanks for asking - we have a wide range of computing and technology qualifications (, but at this stage none are available in the Manawatu.

We do have scholarships for all our degrees, which make the cost of tertiary study with us even more affordable.

We also have flexible study options, so if you would like to see if distance learning could be arranged in your case, please call 0800 924 274 and ask to speak to our student info team.


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