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Ben B wrote:

If I miss out on university entrance, does SIT have a course that I can do to get my credits up before starting a degree or diploma?

Hi  Ben, you can look at Level 2 and 3 Certificate courses, but these will not allow you to achieve credits. We do not offer NCEA Level courses.

Lindsay P wrote:

What is the accomodation/lifestyle like for students at SIT, are there student halls available?

Hi Lindsay, no we do not have student halls, however there is the Ibis Styles accommodation which students stay in. Otherwise students normally either board or flat.

Jono W wrote:

How many students attend SIT? Is it quite an established polytech?

Hi Jono, yes SIT is an established polytech and we have approx. 13,000 students across all campuses.

Simon S wrote:

Do you have any open days coming up? 

Hi Simon, yes we have an Open Day on September 23. However, if you want to visit the Invercargill Campus at any point, please feel free to call us on 0800 4 0 FEES

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