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Ask SIT all your questions about studying in Southland.



I have heard your ads and they say you are the home of the 0 fees scheme, I dont really understand this, could you please elaborate?



What courses does SIT offer? Are they just diploma's or can you get degrees?



Hey SIT,

What makes your smaller town campuses stand out from studying in a big city like Auckland?



In the magazine you talk about people getting jobs at Intergen. What have these people studied?


Hi Steven

The zero fee scheme means that there are no tuition fees for our programmes, however students are required to pay direct material costs the same as they would at any other institution.

All of the students who meet the entry criteria and are accepted for the programme are also accepted for the zero fee scheme

Best Wishes,



What kinds of accommodation options do you offer for first year students?


Hi Lindsay

The students who have been employed by Intergen were studying our Bachelor of Information Technology.

Best Wishes,


Hey SIT,

I’ve heard your university is great for hands on experience. I’m a very hands on learner and don’t really like writing essays. Do you think your University is right for me?


HI Kirsty

There are student appartments in the city called Invercargill Apartment Hotel that are popular.  We do not have our own hall of residence for students and many students go into private board or flats.

We suggest you look at Trade Me for student accommodation in Invercargill.



Hi Sam

Yes you have heard correctly, our institute is a great place for practical learning opportunities.  Many of the programmes include workplace experience as part of the class.

If you would like more information please ask on our info line from our website.

Best wishes,



I’m interested in studying film and animation with you. I’ve been taking media studies at school but I can’t afford my own camera. What do you recommend doing in order to best prepare myself for your University without having to use expensive equipment.


HI Robert

We offer a wide range of programmes from certificates through to post graduate diplomas

There are more than 200 programmes available at SIT.  For a full list of our programmes please refer to   Our most popular degree's are B Comm, Digital Media, Nursing, Sport & Exercise to name a few.

Best Wishes,



Hi Josh

We have a Diploma in Animation and a Bachelor of Digital Media at SIT.

You would be expected to provide a portfolio of your latest artwork.

(anything from painting to animation)  We would also look for drawing ability.

I suggest you keeping up with art classes and putting work aside for your portfolio in preparation.  We have excellent equipment for you to use when you do begin your study with us.  Check out the details on our website or send questions to the info line.

Best Wishes,


HI Luke

The advantages of studying with SIT apart from the zero fee scheme are the small class sizes and a quiet place to study.  You may also find the cost of living in a small city is less than Auckland.   Many of our students live within easy walking distance so there is no need to worry about the transport costs.

For more information please check out our website

Best Wishes


Hey SIT,

Would you say your smaller classes give students more one-on-one help, or does it make it intimidating?


Thanks Robert



I’m currently studying Drama at Auckland University under a Bachelor of Arts. I don’t like the big environment and find it very alienating. I've heard SIT offers more of a community. How easy would it be to transfer my papers down to your Institute?



I'm in my last year of high school and am thinking of doing environmental management with you next year. At the moment I’m volunteering for the Department of Conservation. What types of internships do your environmental management students have the opportunity of getting into?


Hi Jono

Our smaller classes do give students more one-on-one help, we have had excellent feedback from students regarding the individual attention they receive and it promotes a camaraderie amongst the class.  We find it is the larger classes that are intimidating to students as they feel they cannot ask a question mid lecture.

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