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Pinnacle Programme


Be sure to ask Pinnacle Programme any questions you may have about their scholarship TODAY at 12:20pm 


Hi all, 

Have you heard of the Pinnacle Programme? It is a mentoring programme for 15 - 18 year olds (at time of registration) sponsored by Hyundai NZ. Don't be shy come and ask some questions :)


HI Pinnacle P,

What do you look for in your scholarship recipients? 


Hi Simon,

We are looking for young leaders or potential leaders who need a boost. You need to have a PASSION, that might be music, art, sport,  (the great thing about passion is there are no rules). Our goal is to help you develop and join your support network. 


How do you get involved in the pinnacle programme?


Hi P.P

When do your applications open? And do you have an age requirement? 

Thanks :) 


It's 15 to 18 years but I was wondering if you qualify after your 18th birthday?


Jump online at and make a profile under the registration tab.

You can tell us all about your and our selection panel will review every application. 

I recomend writing a letter to the selection panel telling them about yourself so they can learn what you want to achieve and how we can help you


Hi Honour,

As part of stage one of the programme we send our students on Spirit of Adventure. This voyage has an age restriction of 18 so first stage applicants must be under 18 :)


Hi there, 

Do you get a choice in which course you get sent on? 

Thanks very much 



Do you have to complete the program over three years before you receive funding, other than the the funding required to complete the program? I am looking for a scholarship to support my 4 years of study towards a bachelor of engineering, starting in 2016. Am I eligible for the Pinnacle scholarship?


Hi Barret

Applications are always open at our selectors meet 3 times per year. Also your application is always live. If you do not make it through immediately your application (if you update it) will be reviewed again the next time the selection panel meet


If you are unsure of where you want to go in life, is the Pinnacle Programme helpful or do you need to know where you are going in order to be mentored?


Hi Eugene,

In stage one we select 20 students to go on Spirit of Adventure on a 10 day voyage of your choice (at a time that suits your schedule). From those 20 students we take 10 students onto stage two: Outward Bound on a course which best suits your age, maturity and leadership skills.


Hi there, 

Could you please give an example of some mentors that Pinnacle works with? 



Hi Shawn,

Yes you do need to complete the course before you get the opportunity to put forward a sponsorship proposal. Pinnacle Programme is so much more than just a funding sponsorship programme. We are committed to your personal development through out the programme. 


Hi Honour,

You do need to be passionate and striving to be the best you can be. In saying that people change direction all the time, we are here to help guide you and help your personal development. I am sure by the time you get to the 3rd stage of the programme which is the mentoring stage you will have a great idea what you would like help and mentoring with.  


How do you choose the top 10 from the spirit of adventure programme?


Hi Pinnacle, 

Do you offer any assistance in paying for university fees? 



Hi Adelaide,

Our programme is completely individual. You will be partnered with a mentor in an area which you require help in. If you are into music, you will not nessesarily be mentored with a musician, you might decide you need help with your on stage confidence - so you might be mentored with an actress, or a presentation skills guru (someone who is used to performing) 

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