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Jump online and ask engineering firm, Opus some questions between 12:50-1:40pm TODAY!! 

Hello Everybody :)

My name is Jen and I am happy to answer any questions you may have.


Hey Jen,

I’m really into sustainability and see that your business has a strong commitment to sustainable solutions. I’m quite good at science and business, what do you recommend I study in order to have a possible future with you?

Hi Jerome,

We are interested in sustainability across all areas of our business. So you could be involved in this as a Civil Engineer, Mechanical Engineer, Architect or in our Environmental Division. 

If you are interested in Science perhaps Engineering is something you would consider studying?


Hi Opus,

I’m thinking of having a gap year before University, do you have any programmes for students straight out of high school that don’t want to go to University just yet?


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Hi Jen,

Could you please explain what Opus does?


Hi Jen, 

Thanks for doing this - I am wondering if you have a graduate programme, and if so, what rotations you have available? 

Thanks alot! 


Hi Opus, what kinds of graduate programmes do you have on offer for a student who wants to study architecture?

Hi Guy,

We offer a Cadetship to school leavers which is where staff work full time towards the Diploma in Civil Engineering (paid for by Opus) while you work fulltime and earn a salary. It's an opportunity to try out all aspects of the business through rotations to different teams.

It is a great way to see what area of engineering is of interest to you and you have the option to go on and study further afterwards.

Hi Jono,

We do have a graduate programme and the positions we currently have available are advertised under vacancies on our website:

We employ graduates with a range of degrees, such as;

  • Bachelor of Engineering (majors in Civil, Environmental, Mechanical, Electrical)
  • Bachelor in Science (Geology)
  • Bachelor in Architecture
  • Bachelor in Landscape Architecture
The list goes on...

Hi Eugene,

Opus are a multidisciplinary consultancy - what that means is that we work across a whole range of areas to deliver solutions to clients. The areas that we work in are civil engineering, mechanical and electrical engineering, environmental engineering and planning, property consulting and project management as well as architecture - just to name a few!


Hello Jen,

What do you do at Opus?

Hi Jason,

We offer graduates mentoring, performance development, structured on-the-job learning/projects, tailored training, job rotations/site visits. We also have an Emerging Professionals Group which organises Social Activities, Professional Development and a great opportunity to net work with people who have been in the profession for less than 5 years.

Hi Simon,

I work in the Human Resources team. Part of my job involves recruitment, looking out for all our new staff, and organising training & development.


Hi Opus,

How would you say working at Opus stands out from other engineering firms?



Does Opus have lots of females working their? It seems the degrees you hire are done mostly by men.


Hi Eugene 

We have exciting opportunities to work on large and small projects. And we have an inclusive culture where people of all levels can be involved in the project process from start to finish. 

Because our biggest asset is our people we invest a lot in the development of our staff ensuring your progression in the direction are most passionate about!

Because I only have worked for Opus in the Engineering Industry I cannot compare us to other firms, however from experience I can say Opus is a very people focussed company and that makes us really stand out. In Opus you are not just another number, you are part of a large family!

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Hi Samantha,

That is a great question. Historically there have been mainly men within the engineering industry, however women in the industry are becoming a lot more common. We work to encourage women to go into engineering and our workforce is becoming a lot more diverse. We also have a focus on women in leadership.

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