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New Zealand College of Chiropractic Live Chat


Hi Jan, 

Where are you actually based? Do you have a campus in Wellington? If not, what are you accommodation options for Auckland? 


Hi Taine

We are in Auckland in the suburb of Mt Wellington.  There is on campus accommodation at AUT for your first year, but you will need to speak to them about that.  As far as once you get here, all the students are in flats around the College.  Most students share a flat some within walking distance.


Hi Blake

Class sizes are maximum of 70. We have streams so that technique classes are only 35 with about three tutors.  Yes there is class time, technique time and lab times as well as tutorials.


Jump online to ask New Zealand College of Chiropractic a question between 12:45-1:30pm TODAY! 


Hi NZ College of Chiro, 

Do you offer any scholarships? If so, what are they and how do I apply? 

Many thanks 


Hi Anna

Unfortunately we do not offer scholarships.  There are some prizes as you progress through the years.


It sounds like it takes a long time to become a registered chiropractor. What are the job prospects like after finishing? Also, is it easy to go offshore and work as a chiropractor or do you have to resit things overseas to match different standards?


Hi, Is there further study you can do after competing a degree in Chiro?



Are there many jobs for your graduates? I am really interested in studying with you but unsure of how likely it will be to get a job after I finish my degree. 

Thanks so much for holding a chat!!! 


Also, I have an old injury that stops me from standing for long periods of time. Would this affect me if I wanted to be a chiropractor?


How many years does the degree take? 

Also, do I need to have an interview or anything to apply? 



Hi Ben

The degree is internationally recognised.  Are you able to scroll up and see posts from yesterday?

It is a 5 year degree and 94% of our graduates have job placements before they actually graduate.


Hi Allen

Yes an interview is part of the application and admissions process.  we require you to apply to us, then we help you decide where to do your prerequisites. once you have completed half of your prerequisites we schedule an interview. To apply just email our and we can send you an application form.


Hi Ben

This is a good question.  There are many techniques to use as a chiropractor. As you may be on your feet, you are moving around alot.  I believe that you would be able to structure your day to suit your needs.

Please look into this further. if you would like you can email me on and we can discuss this further.


Hi Barret

There are plenty of jobs out there when you graduate.  Many graduates have jobs before they actually graduate.  You can locum, be an associate, start up your own business, travel the world etc. This is one of the fastest growing professions....there are alot of spines out there that need looking after ;-)


Hi Lindsay

Yes, you can go on to specialise in some techniques or animal chiropractic or pediatric chiropractic etc. or you can go into research.

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