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Hi Mainfreight.

What roles do you have available for students when they are to leave school and study at university?



Hi MF, 

I am entering 7th form next year and have to decide on subjects to take for next year soon. 

I would love to go into marketing/hr at university and then into either a sales or HR in the workforce. 

Can you suggest some subjects to take in my 7th form year? 



Awesome stuff so in regards to having any form of qualifications, if I would say for example we had a person who had been working in your company for a long time period of time and wanted to move up in the ranks and they showed the kind of team buiding, positive and out going personality that your taking about compared to a person fresh from University  studies who comes to you seeking the same position who would you give the job too. The person who is out going behaviour wise or the person with the degree ?


Hi Annastarcia,

We can offer students part time work. This might be an afternoon shift on the floor checking freight, helping out with reception tasks, night time data entry or anything else that a branch needs part time.


Hi Mainfreight, 

Do you have any technical grad roles available, if so, doing what and what should I study in 7th form, and at uni if I want to get a technical role at Mainfreight? 



Hi Luke,

I'm not qualified to say exactly what will help you with your studies at university but I do think taking subjects that keep your mindset broad are the best ones to take. If you're wanting to get into marketing/HR then I would recommend taking statistics as this is used widely in marketing and will give you a good base knowledge before you have to take the subject at university. If your school offers a business studies class I also think this would be interesting to take.


Hi Simote,

Great question!

Mainfreight believes in promotion from within and it is a strong facet of our culture. If one of our team has shown the right attitude and has been successful in their position then they will be chosen for promotion above someone who is fresh out of university and does not yet know our business.


Hi Emily,

Can you clarify by what you mean with a technical role? Are you referring to roles in IT?


Thanks for all your questions! Unfortunately i'm all out of time for today but if you have any other burning questions feel free to post them and i'll get back to you later this afternoon.



I would like to ask you if we finish school do we get sponsored by MF to further or do we get a job and then directed to what we have to study?


Hi Mainfreight Is there anything specific that you look for in a C.V besides sport and extra curricular activities?




I would like to ask you if we finish school do we get sponsored by MF to study  further or do we get a job in MF and then directed to what we have to study?




Hi Abraham,

We look for correct spelling and also like to see CVs that aren't over complicated or hard to follow. A cover letter is also very imortant as this is where you can address why you want to work for Mainfreight and go into more specifics about why you are suited to the company.


Hi Kajol,

Mainfreight doesn't sponsor it's team into further education at university. However we offer full training on the job and many more opportunities to further your knowledge and improve yourself. All of our team attend an induction course at our Mainfreight Training Centre. Here you will gain your forkhoist and dangerous goods licences.

Maddy G wrote:

Jump online to ask Mainfreight a question between 12:30-1:20pm TODAY! 

Just requesting if you have scholarships for acheivers in Secondary Schools for boarding in hostels to attend
the high school I am currently at Napier Girls High.  I have been declined twice for the Ministry of education boarding allowance
which helps pay your fees up to $7000 per year every year if granted. However I did not receive this due to not
having behavioural barriers/issues like some students. I continue to find other scholarships to help me financially.
I was a high acheiver student at Te Mahia School with first in class/academics every year since I started primary. 
I was a recipient of many Duffy Mainfreight book awards, due to my sucesses, which will become very helpful with all studies.
thank you for this opportunity to make this request,no matter what the reply is.


Be sure to ask Mainfreight any questions you may have about their company here :) 


Hi Everyone,

Ready to answer any questions about Mainfreight :)


Hi Mainfreight, 

I heard that the owner of Mainfreight started the business by hand delivering packages himself. Do you have any other executives or senior managers that started this way too? 


Hi Mainfreight, 

Just wondering if you have any opportunities for over seas travel for your graduates?  



I am a year 13 student going to university next year, what sort of graduates are you looking for in your graduate programmes?

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