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Hi Mainfreight, 

What roles do you have available for school leavers? - I am very interested in working for you but am worried that since Iam not going to uni, I wont be able to get a job with you. 



Hi Mainfreight,

What roles do you have for school leavers? I am interested in working with your company and look forward to studying communication studies in AUT when i finish high school. Thanks


Hi Mainfreight,

What roles do you have for school leavers? I am interested in working with your company and look forward to studying communication studies in AUT when i finish high school. Thanks


Hi Simon,

We have entry level roles for school leavers. It is not essential to have gone to uni to get a job at Mainfreight. All of our team start out in entry level roles no matter where they have come from. When we look at people who apply for these roles we look out for those who show entusiasm to get stuck in and be part of the team while embracing the Mainfreight culture! In your case you would likely start out on the floor with our store team loading and unloading trucks or pick and packing in a warehouse. From here you build great relationships with your team and learn how the operation works. Mainfreight can offer you a career not just a job!


Hi Mainfreight,

Does it matter if I go to study more after school or not? What should I study at school to get a job after school with a company like Mainfreight?



Hi MF, 

In your graduates, what degrees do you have liked them to study? And what types of extracarricular activities do you look for? 



Hi Marianne,

We have roles for school leavers and university graduates. No matter what you have studied or whether you have been to university or not, you will start out on what we call the "floor". This is learning the business from the ground up and a chance to build relationships with your team. What we look for in our graduates and school leavers is the right attitude and willingness to get stuck in!


Hi Kirsty,

We are always looking to recruit school leavers so it is not essential to have gone to university. subjects you have studied at school also won't affect your chance to get a job with us as it is your personality and attitude that will help you get the job! What we do like to see is if you have played a sport, been involved in community events or worked in a team environment before. While these aren't essential, they can go a long way in showing how you work and your attitude.


Hi there,

I am a student in my last year of secondary school if I had the opportunity to work for you will I be able to both work and study and will you support students like myself with ongoing study ?


Hi Manifreight,

I was wondering what roles do you have available for school leavers ?


I can see that you answered a question from Marianne and what interested me is that if we were to start on the "floor' as you have said will we have the opportunity to move up in the working chain as in getting higher positions or will we need to leave and study in order to aquire qualifications for such positions like manager or other high ranking positions at your work place ?


Hi Eugene,

Mainfreight hires from all disciplines as you would not be going into a specific role that requires a specific skill at Mainfreight. Having completed a degree shows you can apply yourself and have the ability to get stuck in and achieve great things. In regards to extracurricular activities, anything is good! Social or competitive sports, community and charity involvement, acting, singing, and part time jobs or volunteering. We love to meet people who have participated in something interesting!


What would a day in the life of a MF employee typically involve?


Does Mainfreight have jobs everywhere or just Auckland?

Could I do a degree I am interested in rather than a business degree and still get a job?

Thank You


Hi Simote,

Unfortunately we can't offer monetary support for our team if they wish to keep studying. however we are always open to having part time shifts that would fit around your study. 

In regards to starting on the floor, there is always the chance for career progression into different roles and positions. All of our school leavers and graduates spend at least their first two years on the floor while they learn the operation and build relationships. This is a key part of the Mainfreight culture and is where everyone in the company started! From here the opportunities are endless, no matter whether you have a degree or not. Tt is all about building relationships and showing you have the right attitude to take on any role.


Hi mainfreight, 

Are there any opportunities for travel within your graduate programme? 



Hi Roselyn,

Every day is different for our team (we never call ourselves employees). It depends what part of the operation you work in. For a school leaver or graduate working on the transport night shift their typical day would involve;

- A team debrief with their shift supervisor, who will load and unload which trucks, timings and anything else that needs to be discussed

- Checking freight that is being received into the depot for the correct weights, measurements and addresses

- Loading and unloading freight trucks with the fork hoists

- Having dinner with your team in the cafeteria (great food made by our cooks!)

- Manifesting freight and planning the most effective way to load each unit with freight that is all different shapes and sizes!

However, this is just one role of many! I hope I answered the question for you!


Hi Jerome,

We have opportunities all around New Zealand, however the most common locations that have positions available are Auckland and Christchurch.

We don't hire by discipline so it is not essential to have a business degree. We hire people with the right attitude and a passion for the Mainfreight business. We also like to see that you have worked part time before and are involved in extra curricular activities.


Hi Sam,

While we have operations all around the world, travel isn't something we can offer to new graduates. Some of our graduates (and non-grads!) that have been with the business for about five years are now starting to look at management opportunities overseas and this will be the next career step for a few of them. These are team that have shown a great attitude and passion for the business while consistently performing well and leading their teams here in New Zealand.

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