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Chartered Accountants Australia New Zealand (CA ANZ) - Live Chat


Post your questions here for the CA ANZ team. They'll be online between 12:45 and 1:30 on Monday the 20th of June to answer them!


And we are live! :) I am Natalie Faidley, Careers Engagement Specialist for CA ANZ and here to answer any questions you might have around becoming a CA and the many career opportunities that can come from choosing accounting as your career path. 


Hi Natalie, 

What is a student ambassador? Is it like a job or just a membership kinda thing?


Hi There,

I have heard that I am able to register as a student and receive newsletters with career advice etc. Could you explain a little more about what kind of opportunities and information I will receive if I do decide to sign up?


What kinds of things to do you learn when you do a CA that are on top of what you learn at uni?


Hi there, 

Can you please let me know different between CA and CPA? Getting confused. 

Thanks :)


Hi Chelsea

We hire CA student reps who are our ambassadors on campus at Universities.  They are usually studying accounting or commerce at university and present on our behalf/attend events on our behalf to promote the CA brand to students.

If you are interested in becoming a student representative you can get in touch with us via


What kind of support does CAANZ offer whilst doing a CA?


Hi David

Yes our student affiliate program is a great place to obtain information about becoming a CA.  It also gives you invites to events that we put on and is a great career information source.  To give you an idea of what kind of LinkedIn group - 

and you can sign up to become a student affiliate via the below link: 

Hope this helps.


Hi Mikayla

Thanks for your message. 

The CA program modules that you complete build upon the information you have learned at university and you apply this to business situations. 

The four technical modules cover four areas of accounting, Audit, Tax, Management Accounting and Financial Accounting.  The final module is called Capstone and this module is based on a case study where you apply what you have learnt in the technical modules to the case study. 

The CA program is also a post graduate qualification and you will obtain a Graduate Diploma of Chartered Accounting as well as a highly regarded qualification, your CA!

See the below for further information:


Hi John

This is the question that we get the most :)

It all comes down to your personal preference and what organisation/professional body you feel resonates with you the most. 

In a nutshell, becoming a CA via CA ANZ will provide you with:

* A network of over 1,000,000 professionals all over the world as part of the Global Accounting Alliance (GAA).  The GAA is an exclusive collection of 10 of the leading accounting bodies from around the world.  It gives you access to travel to parts of the world like London, America and Hong Kong. 

* The CA designation is your passport to an international career and it opens up many opportunities for you.

* The CA program is also a post graduate award (GradDipCA) which means as well as your CA designation you obtain another great qualification in addition to your Bachelor's degree.

I hope that this helps!




Hi Olivia

Great question!

During the CA program technical modules, we have lots of online support available from virtual classrooms, technical query forums, exam preparation including mock exams. 

Our Module leader of each module is there to support you and answer any questions that you have as well.

For the Capstone module you have all the online support available but also have 3 face to face workshops where you get to meet people and form support structures that way. 

We also have a great provisional member LinkedIn Group where you can share materials, put together study groups and share information, see below link: 

You can also become a part of the Young Accountants Group which is a great networking platform for emerging CAs - here is a link to our Young Accountants Auckland Facebook page to give you an idea of some of the events that we put on: 

I suppose you can see from my response, that there is a lot of support out there for people when they go down the CA pathway.

Any other questions let me know :)


Hey Natalie, 

Do you think your chances of getting over seas employment will be increased if I get a CA? 




A few questions: 

- How long does a CA take? 

- Does my employer pay for it? 

- Is this internationally recognised? 



Hi Stanley

Thanks for your message.  Definitely! Any professional qualification and especially the CA qualification will help you obtain opportunities overseas. 

I all depends on how you use it.  If you have a look some of our CA ambassadors who are on YouTube, you will see people that are based in Hong Kong, LA and San Fran :)

The opportunities are endless.


Hi Jeremy

To obtain your CA you need a 3 year Bachelor's degree with approved subjects and from there you undertake the CA program while you are in employment for 3 years.  It takes most people 6 years all up :) so not that long.  See the entry requirements page on our website for further information: 

In regards to your employer paying it, it all depends on the employer that you are working for.  They all have their own internal policies around learning and development but a lot of them support the CA program.  e.g. some might get you to pay in advance and once you pass they will reimburse you.  But every company is different.  If you are employed at a company and want to go down the CA pathway I would suggest talking to your manager about support.

Yes our program is internationally recognised.  CA ANZ is part of the Global Accounting Alliance which means you can travel to various parts of the world including London and America and your designation is recognised. 

Great questions :)


Hi Natalie 

Thats really cool thanks for answering my question. I just have one more, how much involvement would CAANZ have with my employer? Or would I just interact with CAANZ throughout the CA program


Hi Olivia

We work with many employers across Australia and New Zealand - especially the ones who hire accounting and finance graduates and who have CAs in their businesses.

It all depends on the employer that you go and work with.  For example in Auckland just recently we hosted an event at the BNZ offices as part of the Young Accountants group where the CFO and a senior accountant talked about their "Journey to success".  See the below for further information about the Young Accountants Group: 

We are always looking at the different businesess to partner with and work with.

Hope this helps.


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