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Would you suggest trying to get some work experience (interning etc) before applying for graduate roles at BDO? 

Thanks :) 


Hi Adelaide,

Yes, absolutely - any work experience you can gain while studying is great! There will always be lots of transferable skills, whether you are working in Hospitality, Retail or in a more accounting focused role.



Hi Kyle,

I think Finance, Economics and Management are common double majors for accounting students.

However, I recommend that you are open minded when looking at your options - it may be that you have an interest in a language or a less traditional match with accounting.



Be sure to jump online, TODAY 21st June at 12:45-1:30pm to ask BDO any questions. 


Hi BDO, 

Just wondering if you could tell me the difference between a CA and CPA and which you offer? 


Does bdo do scholarships for uni? and are they specific to one uni or for any?


Hi BDO, 

Wondering if you have any opportunities for school leavers in Christchurch? 

Alternatibly, do you have graduate or internship opportunities in Wellington? 


What is it like to work for BDO? In an entry level job will there be on the job training or mentors etc



The Chartered Accountant (CA) and Certified Public Accountant (CPA) qualifications are very similar, however they are governed by different bodies. Recommend that you go on to the two below websites to gather a bit more information on the difference.

Most of our Graduates do CA, and we offer lots of support and paid study leave while they are going through the program. However, we do also support CPA or any other qualifications.


Hi Will, unfortunately BDO don't currently offer any scholarships to University students


Hi Stephanie, 

Do you think it's better to do a CA or CPA in NZ to support a career spanning into the Asia/Pacific region? Which would you say is more respected in these areas?


Hi Emma, 

The prerequisites for our Graduate program is that you have a degree from a relevant university. We have Graduate and Internship programs at both offices that are available to Accounting and Finance graduates  :) 

Keep an eye out on our careers page for any upcoming opportunities near you:


What do you like about BDO as a place of employment? Like what makes it stand out ?


Hi Taine, 

BDO is an amazing place to work. Each team understands the importance of developing your career, and is committed to your training and development. As a graduate you will be supported by a friendly and approachable team, and be mentored by an experienced member of the team to aid you in every step of your professional development. 

Our graduate booklet has lots of information about the culture of BDO and support that you receive, check it out here  :)


Hi Mary, 

It really depends on the type of firm and the role that you are wanting to work in. The majority of our graduates complete the CA qualification but both are relevant and equally respected  :) 


Hi Ashleigh,

The main thing that makes BDO stand out as a place to work is the culture! Everyone is treated like an important part of the team and is offered lots of support and guidance in their role. There is also a great social environment at BDO, we get to take part in lots of events throughout the year like fun runs, end of year parties, Friday night drinks, and even a Mid-winter social. These are a great chance to get to know the team better and make new friends which is super fun  :) 

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