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Rory Sneddon


Commercial Analyst


I started at TrustPower on the Graduate Programme in December 2010. I first started off in the Energy Procurement team as a Wholesale Market Graduate Analyst where I learnt how the electricity market functions, the fundamentals of trading and the detailed operations of TrustPower’s schemes. I also helped with embedding and developing a number of working models for the team. I’m currently in my second rotation of the Graduate Programme, placed in the Generation team as a Commercial Analyst. 

The environment at TrustPower is very friendly and focused. Everyone is approachable, generous with assistance, and take a lot of pride in their work.  

I think TrustPower’s Graduate Programme has a competitive advantage solely based on the variety and width of the rotations. A graduate can get experience in nearly every aspect of TrustPower’s operations. Also, as the Graduate Programme has been implemented for some time, the positions and support available have been fine-tuned and offer a fantastic growth experience.

If a friend was considering applying for the Graduate Programme at TrustPower, I would and have told a number of friends to apply. I would also tell them to apply with an open mind as they can be placed anywhere in the business, and to expect to be challenged.