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About Spark

In mid-2014 Telecom was rebranded with a fresh new name as Spark. Spark is New Zealand's largest telecommunications and IT service rovider by revenue, customers and assets.

Things move fast here. It's a place where multi-dimensional people thrive. Where you can discover new ways to do things. And discover yourself, too.


Graduate Programmes

Leadership Programme

Get an overview of our business and discover the area best suited to your skills and interests. The Graduate Leadership Development Programme develops your abilities in a range of challenging roles while you're mentored by a member of our leadership group and a grad buddy from the previous year. The plan is to give you a better understanding of Telecom's broad business tasks. You might uncover something you didn't know about yourself or become something you never thought you'd be.

Be the backbone: Accounting Programme

Telecom will make sure you get the right practical experience to qualify as a Chartered Accountant. We're an Approved Training Organisation (ATO) and committed to providing graduates the opportunities necessary to get into the College of Chartered Accountants.

We do this by providing the necessary training, support and coaching to successfully complete and pass the New Zealand Institute of Chartered Accountants (NZICA) requirements (Foundations, PAS and PCE2). Once you're qualified, you'll be offered a position within Telecom.

Keep things going: Engineering Programme

The Engineering Graduate Programme within Chorus is your first stepping stone in a career within the technical side of the telecommunications industry. People selected for the programme have a keen interest in engineering and technology and are excited about new technology and where it'll be in five or ten years.


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