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About SLI Systems

SLI Systems provides full-service site search, navigation, merchandising, and user-generated SEO, and is the top SaaS-based site search provider to IR500 retailers. Our learning-based technology empowers retailers and content sites to enhance customer satisfaction by helping site visitors find the products and information they seek quickly and efficiently, increasing site conversions and average order value.

Looking for that rare and unexpected opportunity? Want to join a successful and rapidly growing global team? Looking for a long term relationship with a leading and unique Christchurch Employer?

For some, the job is all about our technologies and the chance to work with really smart developers. For others it's our growing market opportunity. Many others see the unrivalled potential for personal growth and development in a company dedicated to its people. And some just want to revolutionise eCommerce.


What sets us apart from the rest?

Most search technologies use complex algorithms to determine which results should be returned for a query. Our patented Learning Search technology takes relevance a step further by learning from site visitors' behaviour over time to deliver more relevant results. One of our products is an eCommerce Site Search product that is designed specifically for sites which sell products online and require advanced product merchandising. Other products in our range include a user-generated search engine optimization (SEO) service that automatically optimizes pages for search engine spiders; and the dynamic building of site navigation pages by creating product groups or "facets" to show similar products together allowing customers a powerful way to merchandise products and information.


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