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Martin Harrap

Apprentice Trainer & Coordinator


Originally from the United Kingdom, Martin heads SKYCITY Auckland’s three-year Chef Apprenticeship programme, the largest of its kind in New Zealand.  As the go-to guy for our 30 apprentices, he manages their training, employment and performance in one of the country’s biggest kitchen operations.

With over 40 years chef experience in the UK and NZ, Martin worked his way up to Executive Chef level in hotels, restaurants and convention centres.  When he moved to New Zealand, he became a Senior Chef Lecturer at AUT and MIT before coming to SKYCITY in 2013.

“People often think a culinary career will be like the reality shows on TV, but it’s not.  It’s a lot of hard work, practice and unsociable hours, but it’s also very rewarding and is a great job to travel with.” 

Employing around 350 chefs, including some internationally-renowned names, across a range of restaurants and culinary styles, Martin says there’s nowhere else in NZ you’ll get exposure to that much expertise or variety in one place.  “SKYCITY is unique in this regard.  If you wanted to, you could progress you culinary career in one place, although I always encourage our apprentices to get some overseas experience at some point because different cultures and experiences will help make them better chefs.  A number of them do that and come right back to SKYCITY.”