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Who are we?

  • New Zealand's second largest natural gas distribution company by customer connections – around 100,000
  • New Zealand's second-largest electricity distribution company by customer connections – around 320,000
  • The largest electricity and second largest gas distributor in terms of network length – electricity 30,000 km, gas 6,170 km
  • Energy distributor to the largest area in New Zealand (39,000 sq km)
  • One of only two of the country's dual-energy distributors.

Powerco's energy distribution networks spread across the upper-central, central and lower areas of New Zealand's North Island, supplying energy to more than 420,000 consumers.


Looking into the future

Our business connects the present with the future. Everyday we make decisions that will influence the quality of infrastructure New Zealander's enjoy in 40 to 50 years' time.


Our commitment to developing our people

In the past year we have grown our team to around 325 people and implemented a company-wide leadership training and development programme.

We understand that our people have always been the key to Powerco's success and have consistently invested in their training and ongoing professional development. Our staff have undertaken a wide range of training during the year, including post-graduate studies, continuing professional development, industry conferences, management training, gas and electrical engineering courses, as well as a range of workshops and commercial skills development courses.

The increased focus on leadership development reflects our aim to continually lift internal performance and to provide an environment where all our people are challenged to seek improvements and innovation and encouraged to reach their full potential as well as leading their teams to excel.

We have also been looking to our future recruitment needs and, during the summer, hired a number of university students representing a range of courses of undergraduate study, from electrical engineering to commerce and the arts. A significant number of students who have undertaken holiday work in the past have returned to join the team full-time. This is a trend we plan to continue.


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