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Timothy Richards


Trainee on Voyage 668


The Spirit of New Zealand voyage was an amazing experience. I really enjoyed the hands on activities that we did. Everyone became friends very quickly and we still keep in contact.

I would highly recommend this really cool experience to everyone. Sailing on the Spirit was an unforgettable adventure for me and just as exciting for my family to see my journey unfold in the videos and photos from the GoPro camera I wore on the Spirit.

It was so cool to discover the Hauraki Gulf and explore some of the islands and bays around Auckland.

Best of all was getting selected as Captain for a day by my fellow trainees and the Spirit of New Zealand’s crew. I got to make decisions for the day and to choose where the ship was to sail.

My mum and sister met me on our return to Auckland and saw for themselves the many new friends and ‘family’ I had acquired on the trip. I feel that I am now a more mature and confident person as a result of this awesome journey.

I am very grateful to the Pinnacle Programme and Hyundai NZ for giving me the chance to experience the Spirit of New Zealand journey. Without their sponsorship and support I would not have been able to experience this trip at this stage of my life.