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Alix Klingenberg


Junior Software Engineer


Alix Klingenberg 

1. What is your current role/study progression and where are you located?

Junior Software Engineer is my official role, but I'm an Android Developer.  I'm located in Auckland.

2. Which team do you belong to?

My team is called Sweet Rectangle, for a number of reasons, including because we're a mobile team.

3. What does your usual day look like?

I often get into work early after going to the gym and then I grab some cereal and catch up on emails/Skype messages/news/watch Android or tech videos. I catch up with the other Android guy in my team about what our priorities are, and put in a couple of hours on whatever feature I'm currently working on. Every day is different.  I head out for lunch with some team mates. After lunch more meetings and/or coding and/or discussions about app architecture, features, testing, whatever we're focusing on at the time.  Sometimes we go for a walk, depending on the weather. We also having walking one-on-ones with our team lead.  Standup at 3:45, then more of the coding/discussions/meetings.

4. Why did you choose to work at Orion Health?

I chose Orion Health for a few reasons.  I first heard of them when I was a student, working on a small assignment on my laptop in the ferry terminal.  The guy sitting next to me struck up a conversation about Java and explained what Orion Health to me.  I was pretty impressed and went from "why is this creepy guy talking to me" to "I want to work with cool people like this!".  I then went to a women-in-tech event held at Orion Health and decided I wanted to work for a company that made a positive difference in people's lives and dedicated resources to addressing inequalities.

5. What is something cool you're working on currently? 

My team had some down time, so we're making a fitness app that allows different lines of business in Orion to compete against each other.  I get to work with beacons, which are tiny low energy bluetooth devices - that's been pretty fun.  We have some non-corporate UI design that I'm loving as well.

6. Tell us about your favourite experience so far at Orion Health?

Probably being part of various user testing groups.  There's something amazing about seeing people actually using software that you've made and getting their feedback on it - especially when it's positive!

7. What are you looking forward to most about working at Orion Health? 

Getting to go to Google I/O! That's an amazing opportunity that I wouldn't have been able to accept without Orion's support.  I'm so excited to go to San Francisco and hang out with a ton of other developers - I basically won the nerd lottery.

8. What makes Orion Health so unique?

Not many software development companies in NZ offer interesting development work for new products that have a worldwide reach.

9. Orion Health is focused on the health and wellbeing of our employees. What is your favourite Wellbeing initiative so far? 

Probably Round the Bays.

10. Tell us something interesting about you?

I'm on the committee for SheSharp - an Auckland based organisation promoting software engineering and computer science to young women and providing networking and education for those already studying/working in that field. I spend a lot of my free time planning amazing events with them!