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Adrian Mahalingam


Environmental Engineer


I have met people in Opus who are truly passionate about what they do, and that’s the type of environment I enjoy. At Opus we also have a fun time socially, with events like quiz nights, pool games and lawn bowling competitions with other offices, and Christmas parties!

I’ve been given increasing responsibility in my role, which makes me feel trusted and that my contributions are recognized. I appreciate the presence of knowledgeable and experienced people who give me sufficient ‘breathing space’ to work in my own unique style without micro-managing, but who I can rely on for guidance and review to ensure that, as a team, we provide high-quality work to clients.

I enjoy my regular lunchtime sessions with my mentor. Our conversations are mostly non-technical; instead, I get a sounding board for my ideas on where and how I should progress, and help with my career development.

I’ve worked on a wide variety of projects, some I have even managed, including designing stormwater management systems for a railway upgrade and a road realignment, reviewing designs for pipe networks and irrigation systems, investigating a coastal sewer outfall surge relief pipe, evaluating a sewer renewal tender, drafting water measurement guidelines, and designing irrigation schemes. I enjoy the variety, which continually challenges me and allows me to pick up new skills and experience. I look forward to being stretched further with new project opportunities that Opus can offer.