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New Zealand Shipping Federation


About New Zealand Shipping Federation

Building New Zealand’s maritime heritage is only part of the role that the New Zealand Shipping Federation is tasked with. We are responsible for the shipping economy of New Zealand, whether it be passenger vessels, container vessels or special-purpose ships.

The ability to stay calm, problem solve and work under pressure are all important factors to join the Federation. Officers, deckhands, engineers and stewards all have important roles in the operation of a shipping project.



Ship officers navigate and operate the ship and are responsible for the crew. There are positive job prospects for those working as ship officers and there is high demand for these jobs. To succeed as an officer you need qualifications and experience approved by Maritime New Zealand. In addition to this you must also have had a year or more at sea as a deckhand or launch operator


Engineers have a vital role in running and servicing the ship. Applicants need to have a Certificate in Marine Engineering, basic skills in Maths, Physics and Chemistry. Opportunities as engineers are high as there is a shortage of applicants.


There are no specific entry requirements to be a deckhand on ship, as most skills are learnt on the job. Deckhands need to be fit, have attention to detail and work well in a team. They’re responsible for the cargo stowing, docking procedures and onboard maintenance in the shop and on the port.


To become a steward, again, there are no specific entry requirements. Stewards are responsible for looking after passengers on and off vessels and need to have excellent communication abilities and high personal standards.  Employees can gain valuable customer service and hospitality experience.


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