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Lucille Matthews


IT Client Software Team - Product Manager

Description of role and day to day activities:
My day to day role can change between product managing, co-ordinating project work and liaising with our national and global Mainfreight Team and customers. As a product manager I am responsible for designing, testing and implementing changes to our software systems.
How did you end up in this role and what do you enjoy most about it?
I moved from Mainfreight logistics to IT by chance (I have no background studies or knowledge in IT). The opportunity presented itself and I decided to take myself out of my comfort zone and give it a go, since that day I haven’t looked back.
I get to use my creative side on a regular basis as well as interact with customers and team from all over the world. It is very rewarding and satisfying to know that I have played a part in developing and improving the software our global and national customers are using.
Why do you enjoy working for Mainfreight?
Mainfreight as a company, and as a family have always exceeded expectation when it comes to looking after the team. The opportunity from a growth point of view is fair and realistic and you are rewarded for the work you put in. They are very understanding and take a balanced approach to your commitment at Mainfreight by taking into consideration your outside commitments and encourage you to take part in a number of events that they offer to you. It’s very rare that you can work for such a big company and still feel a sense of belonging.
Aspirations for the future:
In the future I would love to be a team leader in Mainfreight, to be able to manage a team and get the best out of people would be very rewarding for me. I thrive in a team environment and after learning everything I have to date and now being able to apply it confidently I now have aspirations to help others do the same.
I am familiar with the daily challenges of working in IT but I also recognise the sense of fulfilment when you realise you have played a major part in a product launch or successful software going live.
I want to be able to create and manage a team environment where this sense of satisfaction can be achieved by everyone.
“I decided to take myself out of my comfort zone and give it a go, since that day I haven’t looked back.”