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Layne Howearth


Customer Service Team Member, Mainfreight Group


From Dock Boy to storeperson of the Year.

layne Howearth worked hard to climb the ranks of the Mainfreight group. As part of the customer service team, he plays a valuable role in helping Mainfreight to organise the transportation of goods around the world. 


What sparked your interest in a role at Mainfreight?

To be honest I had no clue what I was going to do out of school and I needed a job. luckily my Mum’s partner, the Operations Manager at Owens Transport (Owens is part of the Mainfreight group), needed a new storeperson at his branch. I had also been told good things about the Mainfreight group.


What was your first day like?

I felt a bit lost but it was fine because everyone is quite friendly. All you need to do is ask for help and it’ll be given.


Describe your journey – what roles do you have
and where are you now?

I first started off as a dock boy organising all the loose items that come into the depot. I then became a checker, where I would make sure each item of freight was sent on the right truck/wagon and sent to the right destination. About a year later I loaded trucks/wagons with a fork hoist, which is definitely an experience. I am now in the customer service team, answering customers’ queries and solving problems that might happen in the process of the freight being transported.


What sort of things have made you stick with Mainfreight to make your career?
Mainfreight is a company that promotes from within. For people like me that didn’t have the right motivation in school, but now look to pursue bigger and better things and do well for themselves, this is a very good thing.


Favourite moment?

In 2014, with Owens as my first full-time job, I won storeperson of the Year. I got $500 for winning this, and recognition from the whole team, so I was pretty stoked. Having storeperson of the Year under my belt helped me get to a customer service position, which is a position I had been fighting for, for a long time.


What are your career goals?

At the moment I am unsure about my career goals as I’m only 20 years old and need a little more time to devise my aspirations for the future. luckily, Mainfreight offer heaps of roles within the group so there will always be something different to consider doing.


What would be your advice be to others wanting to work at Mainfreight?
Work hard even when you think no one notices, because they always do and it definitely pays off. I didn’t think anyone noticed my hard work and then I got storeperson of the Year.