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Jordan Emile


Store Person


Day to day activities:

Loading and unlaoding units on the fork hoist, checking freight. There is a lot of physical labour.


What do you enjoy most about the role?

The people I work with make my job really enjoyable. It's great to work within a team who work together. I also really enjoy the physical aspect of the role. 


What do you like about working for Mainfreight?

Once again it's the people within the company. Everyone shares their knowledge and the way the company is run is very transparent. Each week I see how much money we have made as it's up on the wall in our lunch room. Everyone is treated as having an equal part to play in the success of the company. 


Where do you see yourself going within Mainfreight?

I love working in the operations side of the business. I can see myself working with our transport team and working out our linehaul processes and how to utilise these. In the long term I would like to be an Operations Manager.


What has been your highlight of working for Mainfreight so far?

The responsibility I have been given. Despite being young, you are always treated as though age doesn't matter and given your own responsibilities. In other workplaces I haven't been able to experience this. 


What did you study at school?

At school I was into the hands-on classes. I took PE and Health.