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Hamish Quinn


Account Manager


Growing up in a small town I was captivated by the trucks that used to roll through, it was this attraction that gave me the first glimpse into the Mainfreight world as the bright blue trucks were always a standout.

As I moved on from high school to university, the transport industry had an influence in my decision to study Supply Chain Management. During this time I obtained my truck licences and found part time work at Daily Freight (one of Mainfreight's brands).

With the degree on my wall the world was there for the taking. When considering 'what's next', Mainfreight was there ticking all of the boxes. Auckland had a number of opportunities which worked and I landed a position at Mainfreight Transport in Otahuhu. Since then I have been pushed to places outside what I thought was possible - my current role as an Account Manager is a position I had never considered.

Mainfreight sees more in you than you can see in yourself. The trust, responsibility and faith in you allows you to make real decisions. The best part is I now influence where the trucks I used to watch now travel.