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Georgina Shelton-Agar


Account Manager at Chemcouriers (division of Mainfreight)


Day to day activities:

Primarily I look after our existing customers and secure new customers. However my role varies every day. Some days I will be out delivering our freight and other days I will be helping out with the store team.


What do you enjoy most about the role?

I really enjoy the different relationships I have been able to build with my customer base. It's so interesting seeing how different companies in different industries operate and their strategies. 


What do you like about working for Mainfreight?

The Mainfreight culture is something I find amazing. Because we don't have job descriptions, everyone ptiches in with whatever and whenever it's needed. This supports the feeling that Mainfreight is a big family.


Where do you see yourself going within Mainfreight?

The opportunities are endless at Mainfreight. At the moment I can see myself running a Chemcouriers branch overseas. However I am learning of new opportunities every day. Who knows what else I will do along the way.


What has been your highlight of working for Mainfreight so far?

It's been the little things. Getting to know our Mainfreight family around New Zealand has been a real highlight. I have also attended training courses that have developed me both professionally and personally.


What did you study at school and university?

At school I studied Economics, Design, Maths, English and Business Studies. This lead me to study a Bachelor of Commerce at Auckland University, majoring in Economics and Marketing.