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In order to deliver on Horticulture New Zealand's forecast growth to double its total value to 10 billion by 2020 the kiwifruit industry needs fresh talent and top performers to become our future leaders.

Job possibilities are endless in the kiwifruit industry; and the demand for skilled employees is on the rise.

Did you know the kiwifruit industry employs around 10,000 permanent employees and around 8,000 seasonal employees at the peak of harvest? 

Did you also know that over the next four years, it is estimated that the industry will need another 2,000 permanent employees and 4,000 seasonal employees?

Whether you are a school leaver, are formally trained, have existing kiwifruit experience and want to upgrade your skills, or you just know horticulture is 'in your blood', a kiwifruit career pathway is waiting to be carved out.

All these attributes are transferable skills that are in strong demand for a diverse range of organisations in New Zealand and around the world.

The kiwifruit industry offers roles from introductory through to advanced, management and specialist.

To find out more about careers in the kiwifruit industry, or what type of training is available to broaden your skills email NZKGI at


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