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KeyStone Study Award

About us

Keystone Trust has been giving students a hand-up into property related tertiary studies for over past 20 years. By taking a stake in their future success, we have realised many opportunities to change lives and equip young people for a bright future in their chosen careers within the property and construction sector.
Keystone offers New Zealand’s only property-focused scholarships that include opportunities for networking, mentoring and connecting promising talent with the best in the property industry. 
Keystone is supported by its sponsor family, made up of a diverse group of industry leaders that span the entire property sector. This group are regularly found doing business together across the boardrooms, and on the sites of the some of the largest property projects in New Zealand. However when it comes the Trust they have a common belief, which is - as the best in the industry they are here to support our students who are promising to be the industries future leaders.

Study Award Information

The Keystone Study Award is one of the most significant study grants available to property students, the award not only includes financial assistance of $5,000 per annum for a period of three years but also includes the focus of student’s pastoral care and development as part of its programme. Through being part of the Keystone family students get to know some of the best organisations in the sector through work experience opportunities, events and our mentoring programmes.
The Study Awards are open to students intending to study a property related degree at any tertiary institution in New Zealand. 

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