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Toni Johnston


Research Associate


The majority of my time is spent collecting biological data, including; monitoring algae, cyanobacteria, fish and water quality in the region’s rivers and streams. I also write some reports on the data collected.

Good organisational skills, and to be able to do physical work,  in all weather.  An understanding of ecology and report writing skills are also important.

I completed a Bachelor and Masters in Science (biology) at Waikato University. My masters focused on freshwater ecology. I had done field work and collection of biological data for my master’s thesis and in summer employment.

I enjoy being outdoors and having an active job. I get to see some beautiful places around the region and work on some interesting projects, such as monitoring native fish.
I enjoy working for Horizons because they are involved in a variety of interesting projects, from compliance issues to biodiversity projects. Because of the diverse roles in the council there are opportunities to gain experience with other teams.