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Dylan Johnson


Strategic Account Manager


How did you get into sales?

I've always been passionate about interacting and connecting with people. I got to know the team at Fuji Xerox through initiatives they sponsored during my time at school. Developing a relationship with them made me realise a career in sales could suit my high-energy and confident personality. When I was offered an interview for their school leavers' programme, I jumped at the chance and never looked back! 


What support did you get in your sales role?

I went on sales training courses and had a full induction into the company's values, which are all about being strong, kind and interesting. The most beneficial training I received was on the job through being mentored by experienced salespeople. They fostered my development and gave me first hand experience on how to make effective sales calls and build meaningful relationships.


What are the challenges?

It can be a demanding career, but that is one of the most exciting aspects. We deal with rejection and resistance constantly which is a challenge in any sales role. However the more you learn and the more challenges you encounter, the more you are able to deal with them. You are constantly dealing with people who will view things slightly differently to you. That in itself presents challenges of its own. 


How would you describe a job in sales to a high school student?

A career in sales is fast-moving and goal orientated. You've got to be confident and passionate about dealing with people. The company relies on you to create strong relationships with people and businesses in order to bring in revenue. It's about finding ways to inspire people to connect with your product or idea. 


What are the best things about your job?

Every day is different, and I enjoy getting to know people from various backgrounds. It's hugely motivating that we make a difference to our customers' success. and are viewed as a key partner in their organisation. I am fortunate to work with an outsanding team of people, many of which are the most successful sales people in our industry. To enjoy the success with these type of people is a pretty cool thing. For those who are dedicated and motivated to do well, it is an extremely rewarding career. As new people have joined our company, I have been able to assist in the development of their careers. It is great to be in a position where I can play a role in handing down the same level of support I encountered when I was in their shoes.