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Travis Henri


Project Manager


I started in the Piletech branch, as a yard hand. Piletech is the screw piling specialist part of Fletcher. After seven months, I was given the opportunity to become a site welder.

Flash-forward a year, and I had started practising on the excavators, which lead to piling rigs, then on to becoming a foreman. I was a foreman for two years and was able to speak to the Project Mangers and find out what was involved in running projects. I was intrigued and set my sights on becoming one, so asked to help on projects where I could.

Eventually, a small project came up and the Project Manager asked if I would like to run it, under the watch of him as my mentor. With the rebuild starting in Christchurch, Piletech was looking for a new Project Manager so I put my name in the hat. I was successful and have been in the role for more than a month now, and hope to achieve some great things with the team.