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Cherie Blake


HR Consultant


Current Role: HR Consultant, Pacific Steel Group

Degree: Bachelor of Social Sciences majoring in Industrial relations and Human Resource Management, Waikato University.


In 2003 I took the plunge and decided to travel south of the Bombays to attend Waikato University. When I first enrolled I had no idea what I wanted to become, although I knew a management paper would probably be a good idea. My original major was Psychology as I had never heard of "Human Resources" (HR). In my second year I changed my major to Industrial Relations and HR Management after discussing career options with the University.

Following three years of study I was very fortunate to be offered a summer internship as an HR Assistant at Ecolab, Hamilton. This was only a short term position so I knew I had to start looking for something permanent. In the interim I was employed on a fixed term contract as part of Ecolab's customer services department, while searching for my dream job. A few months, and a holiday to Fiji later I was contacted by Madison Recruitment to see if I would be interested in re-locating to Auckland for an HR Administrator's role within the Fletcher Building Steel Group. At first the thought of working in a male dominated and heavy manufacturing environment was a bit daunting. As I look back now, it was probably the best career move I could have made.

After being introduced to all aspects of HR in my first year as an Administrator, I was then promoted to HR Advisor the following year and working solely for the Pacific Steel Group. My most recent promotion has been to HR Consultant. In these generalist roles I am the main point of contact for line managers and team leaders when they need to resolve an HR matter. My areas of responsibility have included recruitment, training and development, remuneration, employee relations, organisational change, safety, and providing policy/legislation advice.

During my years as part of the wider Fletcher Building group I have been supported by a very strong network of professionals who have assisted and guided me to where I am today. My career aspiration to lead and manage an HR team within 10 years is heavily embedded in my development plan which is reviewed on a quarterly basis. I am excited by the opportunities Fletcher Building and Pacific Steel Group have offered for me to achieve both organisational and personal growth.