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Tate Crouchley




How have you found your time at Deloitte?

I have loved my time at Deloitte so far! It has definitely been a year of pretty solid learning. I find I learn more and more each day, as I get given increasingly challenging tasks, and I love it. As a junior staff member in such a big firm I expected my first year to be fairly basic but it's been great being trusted with a wide variety of work and a few of my own clients, and getting the opportunity to continually grow my knowledge in different areas. 


Why accounting? What sparked your interest in numbers?

As a Year 11 student at high school I really had no idea what accountants did but I ended up taking it as it was the only subject that didn't clash with my other subjects. Once I started though, everything seemed so logical and I knew I wanted to make a career out of it. I really enjoyed the process of recording and organising the financial data into something more meaningful and becoming a set of financial statements. They really give a lot of information about a business, how it has performed historically and areas in which there is room for improvement. That information can then be used in forecasting and budgeting going forward. 


Why do you enjoy getting up and coming to the Deloitte office every morning?

From a work perspective, it's great because we're a team. There's a lot of sharing of ideas and everyone always makes the time to explain things to me when I come across something particularly tricky. It's great getting that chance to continually learn new things and challenge myself, but also comforting having that network of awesome people here to help as I go along. Overall the biggest thing I love about working here is the social life. From team coffee outings, to sports, to baking competitions, there is always something happening - no such thing as a boring accountant here! 


What specific skills have you learnt in your job AND about yourself while being an accounting graduate at Deloitte?

I've learnt to look at a set of accounts with a more analytical mind. I'm able to identify issues for each job and use my problem solving skills to resolve them. If I get stuck, there are always people jumping in to help. I've also had the opportunity to do a variety of other work besides accounts, such as payroll, school audits and have had external training to become certified in accounting software, which has been very rewarding.


How would you describe a summer intern, or graduate career opportunity, with Deloitte to one of your friends? 

As a graduate or intern you get to dip your finger in a lot of pies, trying your hand at many different kinds of jobs. It's all about learning new skills and developing in areas you want to build your career in. If I want to develop my skills in a particular area I only need to tell my manager and she will find me suitable jobs to make that happen. The graduate programme is a really good foundation for your whole career. 


What would be your number one tip for people wanting to apply for your job? 

Just be yourself! Deloitte want people who they can relate to and are approachable. Relax and show the real you when you're applying and being interviewed for jobs.