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Josh Law - Consultant in Tax & Private


Consultant in Tax & Private


What did you study?

Bachelor of Law and Arts - majored in Commercial Law & Ancient History.

Why did you choose this course? 

I was always interested in Ancient History so an Arts degree was a pretty good choice. It also made Uni way more interesting, especially when taking law at the same time. Law is one of the most versatile and useful degrees around.

What did you enjoy about your course?

For Law, learning the ins and outs of the legal system was fascinating. For Ancient History, I got to study over in Rome for 3 months.

What helped you to successfully complete your course?

Having a job to keep my mind off Uni. I cannot stress enough how important having a part-time job is when studying. I was lucky enough to work at a place with a great team, it really made my 5 years at law school go a lot faster.

What advice do you have for future students?

Think about work experience as early as possible. Get a job as early as possible and be consistent. Work experience shows that you are able to juggle commitments.

Occupation Related Questions:

What is your job?

I’m a Tax Consultant in Deloitte Tax and Private - Auckland office.

What do you do on an average day?

Look after our client’s day to day tax needs, discuss consulting solutions such as restructures, research unclear areas of tax law, eat a lot of food, drink Coffee, organise Deloitte events (whether they are team or firm-wide), have a solid amount of banter with my team.

What is the most exciting about your job?

Our team often deals with high growth companies. We not only discuss tax issues, but get involved in other areas of their businesses. Many clients are excited about what they do and it’s great to learn about these industries from them.

What opportunities does your job offer?

To work with the best of the best, secondments to other Deloitte offices in the world, a chance to get involved in events outside of work with awesome people, to work with clients that are changing the world.

What skills, training, education or past experiences helped you secure your job?

I worked part-time at a bank for 5 years during Uni. Part time work is so important. The ability to relate to people is invaluable. You are constantly communicating with clients, colleagues, managers and partners. You need experience that reflects this before you apply.

Where do you see yourself heading in the future within this industry?

Ideally, I would like to be out managing a team and a client portfolio of my own. This would include going out to meet clients that are driving New Zealand.

What advice do you have for anyone wanting to work in the professional services industry? Two points:

1.    Communication skills are the most important. Working in the professional services industry is often a high pressure environment. How you deal with other people in that environment is incredibly important.

2.    Get involved with everything. No one likes the person that never joins in. So if you have spare time, whatever opportunities become available, say yes…and follow through.