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Amy Maclaine


Audit Analyst


My current role/study progression:

I am currently working as an audit analyst at Deloitte, Auckland. 


Day-to-day activities:

Every day is so different! Without getting too technical, what we do in audit is basically take a client’s financial statements and test all the evidence behind the numbers to make sure that what they’re reporting to their shareholders is right. As I’m sure you can imagine, this involves a whole range of tasks; but let’s just say a typical day involves some number- crunching, talking to the client, and working with your team. In Auckland we’re so lucky to have a wide range of jobs – from large corporates to small businesses with one person on the finance team; and industries that we get to work in – I’ve been everywhere from hotels and art galleries, to brick yards and manufacturing plants. You’re constantly learning and acquiring a broad range of knowledge and skills. Generally we’re out on jobs about 80% of the year, and on a different job every 1-3 weeks, so time flies!


Career path to date:

I applied for internships at the start of my second-to-last year of uni and was lucky enough to get an offer with Deloitte. I chose audit because I like to keep my career opportunities broad and I knew that audit is a really good stepping stone for many other areas in the business world. I’m now in my third year here and will complete my CA (Chartered Accountancy) study at the end of this year.



I studied a BCom majoring in Accounting and a BMus majoring in Musicology at Auckland uni, after studying a range of subjects in high school which included calculus, accounting, english, French, and photography in my final year.


Do you have any advice for school students trying to gure out their next step?

Don’t worry if you don’t know what you want to do for your career yet! I’ll let you in on a secret: many people way older than you still don’t. I totally recommend keeping your options open as this gives you plenty of leeway if you change your mind about something you’re studying, and a broader set of skills and knowledge that then give you a wide range of career paths to choose from. I can tell you that what you study in uni is often completely different to the equivalent job in the real world, so sometimes it pays to stick with it if you know it’s going to put you on the right track. Plan your study and career path realistically and be prepared to put in some hard yards to reach your goals, but remember to get involved in what interests you!