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Adam Hussey


Junior Beekeeper


Last year, Adam Hussey abandoned the fluorescent lights at a Hamilton supermarket for a position as a junior beekeeper at Comvita’s Waikato apiary.

When a friend’s parent told him there was a beekeeping job going in Te Awamutu, Adam jumped on the opportunity.

“I love beekeeping. I can keep fit and I get to see a lot of New Zealand countryside. I feel quite lucky,” says Adam.

Adam works eight to 12 hours a day, five or six days a week. There are quieter times too though, so it balances out.

“I mostly work at different hive sites in the Waikato area. Back at site, I store gear, prepare new hives or fix existing ones; and use the honey extraction facility.

“My responsibilities change throughout the year. At the start of the season I’ll load the hives with protein supplements. later on, I’ll put super honey boxes on the hives, or split the hives so they’re all evenly sized. I’m also responsible for inserting queen excluders to stop the queen bees getting up into the honey boxes,” he says.

Outside of work, Adam is into motorsport, and is also a keen motorbike rider. An alumnus of Hamilton Boys’ High school, Adam says he was most interested in physics, calculus and food technology at school. Despite gaining his level 3 Apiculture certificate through Comvita, he insists he’s ‘more of a hands-on learner’.

One thing is for sure – Adam’s planning to stay in the beekeeping industry for a long while yet.

“I’m really happy with where I am at the moment. The beekeeping industry is growing so rapidly and skilled apiarists are now highly sought after. I’ll wait and see which avenues become available to me as I gain more experience,” says Adam.