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About Audit New Zealand

Audit New Zealand is the leading provider of audit and assurance services to the public sector. When you come to work with us, you’ll be contributing to New Zealand by helping to ensure that publicly funded organisations are spending money appropriately. If we do our job well – and we do – then we help to create a better and stronger public sector, which then contributes to a better and stronger New Zealand.

We offer two programmes aimed at future graduates. Our Summer Internship Programme is best for you if you’re in your second-to-last year of study. Our Graduate Programme is for those students who are in their final year.

We need people who are:

  • passionate about giving something back to New Zealand
  • high achievers
  • great communicators
  • fast thinking, good at developing context quickly
  • confident in suggesting new ideas
  • great at working in a team


Click here to find out more about Audit New Zealand's Graduate Programme