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Amy Bonham

People and Capability Graduate


Before going to university I took a year off to travel with friends through Europe. We didn’t have a plan; we just knew we were flying into Frankfurt and out of Athens. Where we went in between was an adventure.

When I came home to Auckland I studied a Bachelor of Arts and Bachelor of Commerce conjoint degree in Psychology and Management, and a Bachelor of Commerce (Honours) degree in Management. I also recently completed a Master of Commerce in Management, which involved researching the hidden nature of envy in the workplace. I love learning about people and how we interact at work!

In February 2014 I was lucky enough to join the People and Capability team at Auckland Council through their graduate programme. In my first 6-month rotation with Organisational Development I have worked on developing next year’s graduate, intern and cadet programmes, as well as a project to support the performance of council employees. These have been really exciting projects to be immersed in, particularly having been a graduate myself. I have enjoyed the variety and the opportunities to apply my knowledge, as well as the responsibility and ownership I’ve had and the chance to work with senior leaders. I would recommend our graduate programme to anyone keen to learn and achieve.