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Zoologists study animals and all aspects of their lives, including their habitats, habits and anatomy. Zoology is a branch of biology, what a person in this profession doe is largely dependent upon how they specialise. For example, some zoologists work in zoos and are involved with the care of animals, observation of animals and developing educational materials and programmes for zoo staff and the public. Others work in wildlife reserves or non-protected areas where they may be concerned with documenting animal populations, or studying the behaviours of animals.

Not all zoologists work in the field. People in this profession can just as easily find themselves in a laboratory, studying the specific biological aspects of animals. Sometimes this also involves teaching, especially if the laboratory is associated with a university.

It is not uncommon for a zoologist to dedicate their career to the study of a specific species, or group of animals (for example, reptiles, mammals, fish, etc.). Alternatively, they may be interested in a specific function or phenomenon associated with the field, such as the study of how animals have changed over time, or the environmental impact on animals.