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Visual Merchandiser

Visual merchandising involves the tasks that control how a store or product is displayed. This industry is most commonly found in retail organisations. It is the role of the Visual Merchandise Manger to ensure that products are displayed in such a way that the setting, use of space, colour and lighting help the customer identify the product. For this reason, visual merchandisers must have an eye for combining colours and textures, as well as an eye for visual appeal.

The primary responsibility of the visual merchandise manager is to undertake meetings with the client or product line manager in order to gain an understanding of the overall marketing campaign. The visual merchandiser must understand the target audience and create an overall design that will captivate and appeal to that audience. For this reason, communication and brainstorming skill are valuable in this role.

Once the design has been approved, the visual merchandise manager must ensure that all of the required items for display are available and create and review the planning document. Then, they may either implement this plan, or delegate this task to in-store visual merchandisers. Primarily, the visual merchandise manager is responsible for the overall project plan and execution; therefore, it is not uncommon for managers to travel from store to store to make sure that displays are uniform and that the process has gone smoothly. 

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