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Tertiary Lecturer

Tertiary lecturers teach at universities, colleges of education, polytechnics, wānanga and other post-secondary education providers. They are responsible for the planning and teaching of the courses they have been assigned, as well as the marking of their students’ assignments and exams.

Depending on where they work, tertiary lecturers will also carry out research in their area of specialisation, and write up papers on their research to be published in academic journals. Lecturers working at universities are especially interested in conducting research and dedicate their careers to expanding knowledge in their field. This can become quite competitive, as universities and lecturers are nationally and internationally ranked according to the quantity or research they produce. 

Although tertiary lecturers are responsible for teaching their students, they are also constantly learning as their field expands. Therefore, people who are passionate about learning and expanding their minds and the minds of others are likely to make good tertiary lecturers.