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Television presenters may do some or all of the following

  • introduce programmes
  • host game shows, current affairs, sports, arts or educational programmes
  • read news, sports or weather reports
  • interview people
  • report on issues and events
  • describe live sporting events
  • research and write scripts
  • attend production meetings
  • find guests to appear on their show
  • attend promotional events, conferences and social functions.

Television presenters need to have

  • good interviewing, listening and spoken communication skills
  • an understanding of the issues and subjects of interest to the audience
  • good general knowledge of current affairs
  • knowledge of the correct use and pronunciation of the English and Maori languages
  • good planning and organisational ability
  • knowledge of the production process.

Television presenters need to be

  • confident and relaxed on television
  • able to work well under pressure, accept criticism, and follow instructions
  • adaptable, competitive and able to relate to people from a wide range of cultures
  • skilled at performing in front of cameras
  • able to memorise facts and ad lib