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Telecommunications Technician » Overview

Telecommunications Technician

Telecommunications technicians install, maintain and repair electronic communications equipment in telecommunication networks and Internet supply systems. They examine equipment and systems to find and repair faults. They may work indoors and outdoors and in enclosed spaces and at heights. Their jobs is hazardous, so they need to be very health and safety conscious, with an understanding of the hazards associated with working with electricity and telecommunications equipment. Usually, telecommunications technicians are fit, healthy and strong as they may be required to climb to a height or work outdoors on sites for long periods of time. They use specialist tools and equipment to complete their work and they work alongside telecommunications engineers, supervisors, contractors and others. Sometimes they work alone. They may be called in to a site during an emergency or they may work on scheduled maintenance tasks. Sometimes they may require building assistance to work on underground cables and wiring. They don’t always work directly with clients, but may talk to them on the phone or by email. They may specialise in radio, cable or service and may go on to supervise others, teach or own their own business