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Get lost in the world of action movies? Fancy yourself as a bit of an ‘Evel Knievel’? Then perhaps a career in the high-flying world of stunt work is the destiny for the daredevil inside you.

Stunt people use special skills and stunt equipment to perform dangerous activities for film, television and commercials. They may also act as a body double for other actors.

With many movies and television programmes now being filmed on our very own shores, stunt people can find a lot more work locally than previously in New Zealand. But to learn all the tricks of the trade, heading to America might be the best place to gain entry level opportunities.

A stunt person needs to have very high fitness levels and good coordination skills as well as understanding that while all safety measures will be taken, injuries, minor and serious, can occur.

More behind the scenes than in front of the camera, stuntpeople don’t get a lot of glory compared to the lead actors and actresses. But for those who enjoy adventure, high adrenalin and a pretty cooler than average working day, stunt work is a unique and exciting career path to take.