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Refrigeration service engineers may do some or all of the following

  • advise clients on different refrigeration/air-conditioning systems
  • consult with clients and refrigeration/air-conditioning design engineers about system installation
  • install or oversee the installation of refrigeration/air-conditioning systems
  • check that systems comply with their design
  • test and balance systems once they are installed
  • repair and maintain existing refrigeration/air-conditioning systems
  • diagnose problems in existing refrigeration/air-conditioning systems.

Refrigeration service engineers need to have

  • the ability to use tools for testing, repairing and replacing refrigeration/air-conditioning systems
  • knowledge of gas systems, atmospheric pressure and temperature
  • knowledge of physics and chemistry
  • understanding of the advantages and disadvantages of various refrigeration/air-conditioning systems
  • knowledge of electrical systems
  • knowledge of mechanical engineering
  • good technical and problem-solving skills
  • welding, gasfitting and plumbing skills
  • skill at making calculations and interpreting drawings
  • communication and listening skills
  • time management and record-keeping skills
  • computer skills.

Refrigeration service engineers need to be

  • creative
  • accurate and safety-conscious
  • quick and neat in their work
  • able to work independently or in a team.