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Radiation therapists may do some or all of the following

  • work with the radiation oncologist (cancer specialist) to plan and deliver treatment
  • take x-rays or computed tomography (CT) scans and patients' measurements, to help to plan the radiation treatment
  • use computers to work out the amount and length of radiation treatment to give
  • make immobilisation devices, such as masks, to keep the body still during treatment
  • prepare patients and equipment for treatment
  • deliver the radiation treatment using high energy x-ray machines
  • educate the public and patients about radiation therapy and its side effects.

Radiation therapists need to have

  • knowledge of radiation treatment methods and radiation equipment
  • knowledge of radiation physics and how radiation affects the body
  • knowledge of anatomy, physiology and pathology
  • knowledge of basic nursing techniques
  • knowledge of research methods
  • excellent communication skills in order to relate to patients and other staff members
  • planning and organisational ability
  • problem-solving skills.

Radiation therapists should be

  • understanding, patient, concerned for others and empathetic
  • accurate and careful, with an eye for detail
  • mature and responsible
  • able to work well under pressure
  • safety-conscious
  • adaptable.