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Pulp and Paper Production Worker » Overview

Pulp and Paper Production Worker

Pulp and paper production workers operate machinery and equipment involved in the pulp and paper production process. They ensure a consistent quality of pulp and paper throughout the production process. Most pulp and paper production workers are skilled at using the tools, equipment and heavy machinery associated with paper and pulp production. They work in factories and workshops indoors and sometimes outdoors. They work alongside technicians, engineers, supervisors, labourers and other plant workers.

To work with pulp and paper production requires knowledge of the production process and manufacturing paper and pulp. Most of the day-to-day tasks are practical and hands on. For those with asthma, it is important to be health and safety conscious in this role because you will be exposed to particles that may aggravate the condition. Production workers need to be fit, healthy and strong to complete their tasks and they should be alert and able to think clearly, as they operate heavy machinery and their role is very hazardous.