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Here’s an issue, now find a solution and make it happen. How? Well that’s completely up to you to decide. If being given that level of responsibility is something you would like to get your teeth stuck into, then project management should be the next resu
Project Manager

Responsibilities of a project manager are broad, but will usually include managing the strategic, financial, operational and technological implications of a project to ensure there is a successful outcome. So, if you are results driven and like to see something progress from the beginning to the end, then project managing for one or more organisations may be what you are looking for.

Usually, projects are about initiating or improving an aspect of a business – whether it is to open a new branch or developing new sets of standards for an organisation, a project manager is the person who will lead a team of people from start to finish.

To succeed you need to have a wide variety of skills, from motivating and leading a team, to delegation, problem solving and the ability to think outside the square. Projects also usually have time frames and budgets, so being able to accurately measure these and work within their restrictions is a large part of the role.

Project managers need to be able to think big picture, visualising the end result; yet, they also need to be detailed orientated – knowing and respecting the small steps that will help you to achieve what you are aiming towards.

Every organisation, industry and sector will have projects at one time or another, so there is a lot of scope and variety for someone who specialises in project management. And, while you may have a particular interest in one area which you want to focus on, the skills of project management are often transferable, so you could choose to contract across a range of businesses.

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