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Production Assistant (Film/Television/Video) » Overview

Production Assistant (Film/Television/Video)


Production assistants help the production team organise the making of a film or television programme. The production assistant can be thought of as an office intern or personal assistant. There are hundreds of small tasks that need to be carried out in order to complete a television or film production and it is the role of a production assistant to make sure that these tasks are carried out.

A production assistant’s responsibilities change everyday depending on the production. For example, one day they may find themselves delivering script changes to the director at the last minute, or providing coffee to the lighting and sound crews. Perhaps the director needs another extra to fill out the scene – production assistant to the rescue! While a production assistant’s task may seem trivial, they are all essential to making sure that the shoot is a success. Oftentimes, production assistants are able to work their way up to more lucrative roles, such as production manager.