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Producers may do some or all of the following

  • choose an idea, script, book or play to turn into a film or television programme
  • hire a director and other staff, including actors
  • prepare the project, arrange finance and organise budget and production
  • supervise production
  • supervise the film's distribution
  • plan the marketing of the finished film
  • liaise with foreign co-producers
  • make videos for corporate clients.

Producers need to have

  • knowledge of how to use moving images and sound to tell a story
  • skill in assessing scripts, books, plays and other writing
  • people-management skills, including the ability to motivate people
  • excellent problem-solving skills
  • good organisational and planning skills
  • business skills
  • a thorough understanding of different aspects of film, television and video production.

Producers need to be

  • motivated and good at setting goals
  • good at creating and maintaining professional and personal relationships
  • creative and imaginative
  • able to work well under pressure.